Our company was founded in 1957 by KARA MUSTAFA CENGIZ. It was structured with own-capital (without receiving any capital supports) and became well known in turkey in short time with its researches that were performed with its discipline, aimed purposes and never-compromising-its-principles mentality, follows technology closely and uses the latest technology in our production facility. It constantly makes progress for quality and durable products with the harmonic works of experienced production staff and research and development team; and applies a high quality on its products as a result of this progress. Since the day it was founded, our company takes firm steps toward becoming number one in turkey by extending its customer portfolio and production area. As a result our dealer studies that was made a short time ago, our company has reached a dealer network of more than 100 dealers and managed to reach masses in turkey to provide the best service to them. It designs and produced the widest product range of turkey in its sector.
    We, KARA MUSTAFA CENGIZ farming equipmens, Have gained our place in this sector thanks to our professional work approach, young and dynamic staff, the fact that we value the humanity, our purposes, our never-its-principles-compromising mentality and the studies we have made country-wide. Currently, we are making progress for our new purpose: breaking into world market. It is KARA MUSTAFA CENGIZ that had developed and produced the vertical spring cultivator for the first time in turkey. By the means of our research and development studies, each passing day we are adding new products to our product range. Our mission is to catch the highest quality and serving it to the farmers with best results. 7/24, our company provide technical support for the product you have purchased from us. Our products are warranted. Currently our company is being managed by YAHYA CENGIZ, the son; and A.KADIR CENGIZ, the nephew of KARA MUSTAFA CENGIZ
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